Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Filming on I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell wrapped Saturday morning around 6:30AM.

It's tough to even put down in words how many feelings raced through my head as Dieter yelled "That's a picture wrap." Even trying to compose a brief blog post about it is tough.

I anticipate that going through the hundred or so hours of footage I took on set will drudge up an assortment of emotions. There were days I wanted to fly home, days I wanted to kill people, some of the best days of my life, some of the most fun I've ever had. In a way I will have the luxury of reliving all of these experiences- through editing.

I will get to hang out with Bob Bates our hilarious Gaffer again, mess around with Chris and Hilton two of the grips I now count among my friends. I'll stand next to Bob Gosse and quietly watch as he smiles and yells "Check the gate" after one of Czuchry's many excellent performances. I'll see Stults picking up my camera and interviewing our eccentric Script Supervisor Sandy or watch as Bradford turned the camera on me for an impromptu conversation.

Or maybe Tucker will find another editor and a year or so from now all these memories will flood back to me via the click of a DVD remote control.

No matter what happens, I'd like to take the time to publicly (inasmuch as this blog is public) thank a few people:

Bob Gosse- I doubt Bob knows it, but as much as I absorbed from him watching him direct, I learned ten fold watching him handle himself as a person. The story of Bob Gosse and his dedication to this project will probably never be told- suffice to say those who watched him tirelessly devote himself to the film will not forget his efforts.

The producers- To Nils Parker and his wonderful fiancee Jen- I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU. There are two people on the set I could always count on for a quiet conversation and a understanding ear- thank you both so much for taking me under your wings. I foresee nothing but happiness in your future- and you both deserve it.

Sean McKittrick- Sean is a consummate professional and someone whose career I had actually followed before working on this project. Meeting him and discovering what a great guy and wealth of knowledge he possesses was one of the highlights of my time in Shreveport. I would be a very lucky man if my career in any way mirrors what Sean has accomplished. On a more personal note- QUIT SMOKING.

The actors- Jesse, Matt and Geoff. A million thanks for essentially letting a 22 year old invade their workplace. Their kindness, professionalism and generousity has been mentioned by others, but holds a special place for me, given some of my struggles. Thank you.

I've mentioned my respect and admiration for the crew before, but it is completely worth mentioning again. This crew went over and above to help me out time and time again. Every department let me into their world without hesitation and welcomed me as a friend.

Truly wonderful people. Thank you, thank you and I miss you all already.

And finally a thank you to Tucker without whom none of this would exist. Why he took a chance on me back in April is something I'll never really know. For all the ups and downs I will forever be thankful to Tucker for giving me an opportunity to excel. Thank you for letting me into your universe.

And now dear reader we are at a crossroads, I restarted this blog to try and document my everyday life in Louisiana (whoops). But I've liked what brief posts I've been able to throw up here. So, from here on out, I suppose I'll try to mix a bit of my memories from shooting with a healthy dose of my new journeys in Hollywood.

If that sounds like a plan to you- welcome aboard.