Friday, April 29, 2005

A Few Poems To Hold You Over

Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much progress on the screenplay, but have been keeping busy with other creative writing pieces. I'll share a few and talk a bit about how I came to write them. More updates to come.

This particular poem was inspired by a few people I knew who attended religious oriented groups on a regular basis at LMU but didn't exactly live out the "religious life" as it were. This was even worse in Phoenix where I knew countless people who went to "Life Teen" but weren't afraid to get drunk and sleep around. Although, I don't know this from personal experience...

Kelley Cross

Kelley Cross had the hearts and minds of nearly everyone
She ran the school, led the cheers, and prayed constantly
Her teachers sang her praises, “she’s going far” they said
Kelley Cross smiled and let it go to her head

She never bragged nor made a boast
Yet, in her head she was untouchable
Assured she deserved her cut above the rest
I alone however, have a secret to confess

I’m quietly moving out of her comfy bed
A drunken night of lovemaking she probably will forget
For I am not the first nor last to visit Kelley Cross’s room tonight
A sainted girl with quite the secret- an insatiable sexual appetite

This next poem is pretty straightforward. I was sitting in a class and happened to glance outside to a very sickly tree, with only one flower on it. And, in part with some life experience which I'm sure you can all relate to- this poem came about.

Rose on A Dying Tree

A rose on a dying tree
My love- one last gasp for you

One last rose on a dying tree
One last chance to say what you always knew

Next week I'll post a new play I wrote- probably the most offensive politically incorrect thing I've ever done. Either that or I'll post some embryonic stem cell research thoughts. Leave some comments and let me know.