Sunday, April 23, 2006

Things I Learned This Weekend

I've spent a good two or three weeks planning my fraternity's annual trip to Mexico. It is basically a 72 hour party- in Friday out Sunday. Bars, dancing, beach- the college trip you see in the movies. What you don't see in the movies is the guy in the back of the bus wondering if he left someone behind (he did). Or the guy frantically faxing Mexico two days before the trip to get a waiver signed. (Note to self: faxes suck ass).

Above: Man in Gorilla Suit at Bar. I think it's appropriate.

On the plus side, I gave myself a nice room, a suite with an ocean view and had an absolute blast. To get to my point (I thought I had one), I learned the following in Mexico:

1. Mexican police will tazer you.
2. Mexican police will arrest you. They will not give a reason. They will loudly demand money or you will get thrown in jail.
3. Eating Mexican food for three days straight is not good for your stomach. This would seem like common sense to the average sober person, however, when you are roaming the streets at three in the morning, a taco looks pretty good.
4. I'm an asshole. I learned this from a few people who weren't happy with various things. Luckily for me my attention was more devoted to my Long Island Ice Tea than the guy who wanted a room change.
5. Bring a self sufficient date. I lucked out here, my date was smart and independent. I did not think twice when we got seperated. Other guys were not so lucky. A few dealt with some sick girls all night- not how I want to spend my time in Mexico.
6. Never plan an event like this again. Next year my successor is in charge. Good luck to him.