Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Reminiscing about my life thus far (a scary thing to do at twenty) I've had a hard time not believing that a lot of things have "fallen into my lap." At this point, I'm not going to call it luck per se, instead choosing to label it as good karma. My friends would probably disagree.

I attended college here out in L.A. pretty much on a whim. I was accepted to a number of solid, well respected universities and debated endlessly which one to attend. I missed a number of deadlines, such that, at one point, I was registered at both Santa Clara and LMU at the same time. One day, while sitting in the kitchen with my mother, she flatly asked me what the hell I wanted to do. I had no idea (and frankly, I still don't), but I knew film school was an opportunity that I might later regret not exploiting- so what the hell? LMU it is.

My first or second week on campus I happened to attend a club fair. Purely by accident I wandered into a section of the club fair filled with on campus jobs. Even further by chance I met the Manager of a student facility wherein the job responsibilities included practically zilch. He had already started hiring, but made an exception for me and invited me to interview. I was hired after my interview and three years later, now manage that same facility.

I don't consider myself a smooth talker, nor a superb master of strategy. Yet, in times where my ass is on the line, I tend to do pretty well. Thus far in my college career I've managed to escape from 3 or 4 different University policy violations without punishment and severely talked down another incident. Perhaps more interestingly, I've also talked myself into Social Chair (and the free drinks that come with that position) the previously mentioned Manager position, all without consciously admitting that, I may actually be a bit more charming than I give myself credit for.

If luck and connections are what drive the Hollywood machine, I hope mine does not sputter out. I'm only a year away from "the real world," as it were, it would be nice if whatever karma I've got left can propel me into success.

Or if worst comes to worst, I can always try talking...