Monday, October 13, 2008


I used to work for management consultant/life coach during high school. I would sit in utter amazement at the sheer amount of business the man would do on a weekly basis, doing things that seemed to me to be completely inane. He would be flied out to do conferences, deliver speeches, meet with top 50 CEOs. 

The man couldn't use a computer. I wrote nearly every document, composed every email. In nearly every one he would be making simple observations, pointing out the obvious and making very "duh" recommendations. "Your business is losing money, cut staff." "Your employees don't feel recognized, set up a rewards program."

He used to have a saying, "It's lonely at the top" when he talked about working with CEOs and business owners. In some cases, just getting an outside opinion, even when the answer was staring these execs in the face was enough to warrant his huge retainer. 

And so I find myself in a similar position (not moneywise), thinking about his old maxim. I'm consulting. And for these business owners, I am now the one making these recommendations (although I like to think mine are a bit more worthwhile). 

Life is full of ironies. 

Below: a youtube series that you may be seeing more of.


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