Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Conservatives Are Fighting the WRONG Battles UPDATED!

Why is it that conservatives like throwing their weight behind issues like gay marriage and censorship? Conservatives used to stand against the government poking it's ugly head into places it didn't belong (marriage) and stood ardently ready to defend issues of free speech. Or at least, that's the conservative party I used to belong to.

Let's face it, the upcoming generation of teenagers and college students are very apathetic towards the issue of gay marriage. A survey of College Republican clubs on college campuses found most are still very concerned with issues like taxes, supporting families and fighting terrorism, but are not concerned with gay marriage. If the right fails to see that parading around a dead issue like this is not going to appeal to young Republicans, but may in actuality alienate them from the party- the party will lose it's next generation.

Every day I find moronic Republicans like Orrin Hatch and Brent Bozell re-affirming my switch to the Libertarian party. Orrin Hatch proposed a bill that would fry a person's hard drive if a government sanctioned program found illegally downloaded MP3s. Because the government should be in the business of snooping into citizen's computers... obviously. I'd like to take this time to officially thank Utah for electing this moron.

Another spokesperson for the "Religious Right" Brent Bozell actually took the time out of his busy schedule of whining about Janet Jackson's breast to attack one of the few shows on television that actually affirms some of the values he pretends to treasure. I'll let this quote speak for itself:

Loser: "South Park." The producers of this curdled, malodorous black hole of Comedy Central vomit want to elicit only one sentence from viewers: "Did I just see that on television?" For anyone who thinks television today is not as offensive -- and downright stupid as those "prudes" say it is, we suggest a look at the Dec. 1 episode. At the South Park "Whore-Off" competition, Paris Hilton inserts an entire pineapple into her vagina. A gay man in a biker vest then takes off his pants and puts the entire body of Paris Hilton up his rectum. Remember this episode the next time some TV critic raves about the "talent" behind "South Park."

What Mr. Bozell fails to inform his audience of, is that the show mercilessly attacked Paris Hilton's notoriety as a "whore." In fact, the aforementioned Mr. Slave, went on to deride society as a whole for putting characters like Paris Hilton up on a pedestal and worshipping them, when in fact they should be despised. Just because a show geared for adults, Mr. Bozell, uses adult humor and satire to make a point, doesn't mean it it's "stupid." Mr. Bozell should shut up and get behind Trey Parker and Matt Stone, if he did his homework and stuck to the values that Republicans are supposed to defend, maybe he'd get the joke.

The Conservative movement and some aspects of the "religious right" border on offensive. And that's saying something from a former member of their ranks.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this I've discovered a new conservative movement that actually excites me. "South Park Conservatives," a group of young conservatives who subscribe more to the tenets of Trey Parker than they do Newt Gingrich. A good starting point for the interested is www.southparkconservatives.com.

UPDATE 2: NO, this doesn't mean I've changed parties, this means my respect level for Republicans has gone up a few rungs on the ladder of intelligence.


Blogger Real Politik said...

You would be interested to know that Brent Bozell recently wrote an article attacking the CATO institute, probably the most effective libertarian institution in the country.

Check it out here:

I understand your frustration with the Republican Party these days. I miss the party where limited government was more then just a punchline and we actually worked toward shrinking the government. This FCC nonsense of late is an insult to men like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, both of whom pioneered media deregulation that greatly weakened the FCC. And wasn't censorship the key issue for Al Gore's wife, Tipper? While I don't think gay marriage should be recognized by any government, the fact is it is a non-issue for at least another four years. Congress can't really act on it either way with the numbers they have right now and the states seem to have drawn the line in the sand.

I considered making the jump to the Libertarian Party in the past, but the fact is the only way to enact political change in this country is through the two major parties. The Libertarians worked through the Republican Party on the local, state, and national level during the 80s' and 90s' and got a lot of their key tenets adopted by the Republican Party, especially on the state level. However, recently they seem to have radicalized and stopped working with Republicans. Instead they field idiots like Badnarik and push stuff like boycotting the census (wtf?). Like it or not, the only way to get any real conservative reform in this country is through the Republican Party.

-Dan Caldwell

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