Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Little Backup

Quite the interesting picture Americans painted this election. A lot of people have asked me why I think Americans are NOT liberal.

What you are looking at is a county by county summation of who voted for John Kerry (blue) and who voted for George Bush (red).

Since George Bush isn't a spectacular candidate by any measurable standards (with perhaps the caveat being his determination in the pursuit of terrorists), clearly more people were voting "against Kerry." This again reinforces my idea that the libertarian party clearly could have made some gains in this election had the resources of a George Soros.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that map just doesnt back you up. you try to make ur point by showing county by county breakdowns, but that is misleading. new england itself makes up a damn big portion of electoral votes and popular votes but the whole thing is like the size of one county is some hick states. the elction went 51-49 or some shit. whatever the numbers, i dont think you can say that america is "not liberal."

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