Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Loft

The Loft is a building on campus, within shouting distance of my apartment. The Loft is my school sanctioned job. I get paid 7.15 an hour to do basically nothing. This is not to say I do not love my job because in fact, my job is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. Loyola Marymount pays me to supervise parties and get togethers and as if that isn't great enough, they give the Loft staff money to plan parties. For example I came up with the advertising scheme for our Toga Party: a picture of John Belushi in his Toga, totally drunk.

Needless to say hundreds of college kids showed up and the Loft got a favorable review from the administration (minus some kids who showed up with open beer, which I thought was hysterical; the administration viewed this as a "bad thing").

I have two bosses. One of them is a gorgeous internationally ranked Irish step dancer. She makes fun of me on a continuous basis because I contend that I am more Irish than she is. I base this on the fact that I can drink more than she can and own a pair of Irish boxers.

My other boss and I continually go on In N' Out adventures because neither of us own a car. This usually involves one of us getting bored of playing Halo while on the job and deciding that we are indeed, hungry. Then we call every single person we can recall from memory, including people we do not really know, and begging them to take us to In N' Out. If this does not work, we then degenerate into prank calling people.

In October my job became designing a Haunted House (a.k.a. Haunted Loft). Once completed I scared people for three nights in a row, 9PM-12AM. Keep in mind I was paid for all this work.

Some nights my bosses will randomly decide to take all of us out to dinner. Other nights are devoted to the bosses buying us all drinks.

Easily the best job I have ever had, the Loft serves as a shining reminder that chill jobs exist for chill people like me.


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