Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An Interesting Result

A little forewarning- this is election analysis is perhaps not my most original work, so if you're tired of politics, you may want to visit my other site or kick, back and RELAX. The world is not going to end.

I was dead wrong in predicting the election for Kerry, when in fact George W. Bush did quite well in securing the necessary electoral and popular votes as well. What does this mean?

Fundamentally, it means what I have said all along- George W. Bush is not a great conservative President- he could have easily been defeated if the challenger, Kerry, posessed just one grain of original or interesting thought. That is not to say that I personally am dissapointed. In the long run I would prefer a President closer to my views (libertarian), than those of Kerry (who knows what his views are, the voters sure did not).

On a broader national and congressional level, certain things are quite apparent. Interestingly the American people are becoming less and less willing to deal with "far left" candidates. Even when the Republicans have a weak showing, (i.e. Bush) voters are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and will refuse to elect leaders who want to increase government spending, government handouts and raise taxes.

I find this refreshing. It is perhaps time for the Democratic Party, as a whole, to re-think what exactly its party platforms are. It is also time for some 3rd Party candidates to capitalize on the Democrats poor efforts. Particularly, I would like to see the Libertarians get some support, as they actually ran numerous candidates in numerous states. While they had little or nothing to show for it, getting on the ballot is a step in the right direction. The Green Party could certainly make a stand in the next election as well.

Contrary to Michael Moore's (who I think is responsible for a LOT of swing voters actually voting FOR Bush) beliefs, most Americans will usually side with Republicans on core issues. Americans traditionally do not like government intervention in their life, do not like higher taxes, and do not support socialistic ideals. The Democratic Party needs to come up with new issues, and new ideas. Simply offering up a "WE AREN'T REPUBLICAN" candidate isn't going to cut it anymore.

Changing gears- A lot of the post election reaction I have found very disturbing. Everywhere I look someone is running around yelling "BUSH IS A WHORE," "FUCK BUSH, LIFE IS OVER." I somehow doubt the reaction would be as violent or juevenille had the election results been reversed. In reality, little has or would have changed in the every day lives of American citizens had the election result gone either way. I find the partisan rhetoric as stupid as those who espouse it. Those people running around today screaming how depressed they are to whoever will listen aren't doing anything to help this country.

Yet there is certainly a silver lining in this cloud of divisiveness. Amid the partisan ridiculousness and imaturity, I find that those who truly know their politics, know what they stand for and truly love this country- no matter where they fall individually on the political spectrum, are willing to give Bush a chance. And although I didn't vote for him, I'm going to give him a chance as well. He is the new legitimate leader of my country and I wish him all the best.

In the words of someone who cares,

"Let us rally behind our re-elected president as we attempt to reconcile the threads of a nation torn apart by anger and division. I do not like George W. Bush, but he has proven himself as an American leader by succeeding in our test of legitimacy---national elections."


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