Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Prediction: Kerry in '04

It saddens me to predict that the next President of the United States will be John F. Kerry. I think the Democrats have done a sufficient enough job of scaring both young people and seniors into voting for Kerry. I'm not exactly horrified at the prospect of Kerry winning because basically Kerry will do whatever the polls tell him to. Plus a Republican Senate and House will ensure a lame-duck Presidency. I'm a little worried about the possibility of Kerry appointing a bunch of Socialist judges, but again perhaps the Republican Senate will stall those appointments.

What worries me is the way in which Kerry co-opted so many people. The way in which far left groups characterized Bush as "Hitler." For better or for worse Bush was a man of strong convictions, a man whose sole goal became to defend this nation. He should not have had to put up with this sort of juevenille demonization. Democrats should be ashamed. I would mention Swift Boat Vets in the same breath, but I only hesitate because these Vets were in Vietnam and I wasn't.

What also makes me upset is the level of kiss-ass the media plays with Kerry. Look at Rolling Stone, an extremely popular entertainment magazine. Please pardon my French, but the level of interaction between the magazine and the Kerry campaign borders on fellatio. Consistently, for the last 5 or 6 months the magazine has published hit pieces on the President and gooey love stories about Kerry. If I buy a Rolling Stone tell me about the next album from Coldplay, not whether or not Kerry likes dogs or cats. This sort of thing borders on propaganda. I'm not even going to start on Michael Moore.

So an advance congratulations to the American people for electing Kerry. Good work. Make sure to vote in a lot of polls, maybe something will get done.

UPDATE: I was wrong. New Post Later Today.


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