Wednesday, September 29, 2004

And Now For Something Different...

This site has been formulating in my head for a while. I realized long ago (but never really did anything about it) that people probably don't "get" my humor. Although my site hits indicated otherwise, apparently my raunchy, satirical humor was being taken extremely seriously. Seriously enough to be labeled "offensive and stupid" by people whom I respect.

I disagree.

In fact while I changed a lot about this web site, and effectively shut down my old site- it won't be like this for long. I expect to get back to posting on my old site (up and running at But expect some changes, for one I may just assume another identity to make it QUITE CLEAR that I'm not being serious, or I may not.

For now, this place will be my serious discussion website, with the occasional drift in the satiric.

You can pick either site to visit or both. However, I think this solution works best- my email is always open if you have questions.



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