Monday, February 28, 2005

A Short Story

I've had enough of the Brophy drama. Changing gears, I'll steer us back to my writing. This is a short story I wrote about a week ago. Enjoy.


I sit here with my food and stare at the wall cuz I don’t know how to spend the last hour of my life. I asked for steak, potatoes and a beer. It tastes pretty good. I guess I should reflect. I miss my mama.

I have thirty minutes. I been thinkin a lot about Melissa lately. Melissa was my one chance to turn this all around. She was the only one who ever believed in me. We used to go walkin in the park back in Philly. It would be chilly and I never could afford good heatin at my place, so I took Melissa out for walks. Melissa would make me laugh. I figure I coulda married that girl. No matter how cold it was, I always felt warm around her.

The guard just came by doin his rounds. He gave me a nod. Everyone here knows what I’m in here for. Guards usually treat me well. I don’t give em no guff and they don’t give me no guff neither. I guess I’m down to twenty minutes. I wonder if Melissa knows what’s gonna happen to me. I think she does.

Melissa met me one day at old McGinty’s bar. I usually went there with the construction guys after work. She walked in and the whole bar stopped for just that one moment. That one moment that I can’t get out of my mind.

In prison she never came to see me. Every Thursday I died a little inside when she didn’t come. I guess that’s why today isn’t so bad. My daddy used to say that girls can drive a man crazy. I think my dad knew what he was talkin about. But he loved mama. That’s how I woulda loved Melissa.

Some of the guys in that bar used to say how much they wanted to sleep with Melissa. But they never understood. There’s two types of girls in this world. There are the ones that want you and there’s the one you want. I guess I’m kinda lucky I knew who that was. Maybe some guys go their whole lives stuck with a buncha girls who mean nuthin. Melissa meant something to me.

Ten minutes. I guess maybe I should pray. I don’t know what to say. I pray one day Melissa knows how much I loved her. I hope someone out there misses me. I guess everyone wishes they could go back to one moment in their life.

Melissa one time asked me if I loved her. I dunno what came over me. I couldn’t say nothing. Melissa quickly started talking again after a moment. She musta taken that as a no. God how I wish I could go back and hold her hand and tell her how I felt about her. My hands is startin to shake. Maybe I am a bit scared.

The guard come by again. It’s his last round. Next time is for me. I finished my steak, but I can’t feel anything anymore, it’s like chewing paper. If Melissa was here she’d tell me it’s all gonna be alright. But she ain’t here. I miss my mama. She’d tell me it’d be alright. It’s gonna be alright. Here he come. I love you Melissa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn greg...that was really good, maybe ill see ya around somer's office...that is if you and steve aren't workin too hard~Pam

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