Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More About The Loyolan

The local student run newspaper, The Loyolan, never seems to get it right. The vast majority of the writing, in my estimation, is extremely mediocre, the articles dull and the editorial staff simply annoying. The latter issue is more and more grinding on my nerves. It's clear to me that the Editor of the newspaper, Stephen Murphy, is intent on running whatever article will stir up the student body into a fervor, no matter how stupid or inane the content. This attitude was what I first satirized when I joined the humor section of the paper. I should have known better.

My article was ignored. The first excuse I was given by my Editor was that he might "get in trouble" for running a fake news piece, which is an utter lie. IF IT IS FILED UNDER THE HUMOR SECTION (OFTEN TIMES IN A SEPERATE INSERT) PERHAPS PEOPLE MIGHT GET THE MEMO.

Of course the real reason I got the axe was that my article critiqued how the newspaper was run. Nonetheless I continued to write.

My next article dealt with the uproar surrounding LMU students who throw parties off campus. God forbid.

Anyway, I'll continue to write and continue to submit articles to my Editor who will most likely continue to ignore me. And once he ignores me I'll post them here. Who knows by the end of the year maybe I'll have enough articles to create my own insert.



Westchester, CA- In the Westchester community residents were up in arms over the recent revelation that a university, Loyola Marymount, had been hiding for over 75 years. Allegations came to light recently when Westchester residents expressed concerns that 18-24 year old residents seemed to be partying on weekends. Noting that this behavior was indicative of a college community, local Westchester leaders took up the charge to search and discover any college that might be in hiding.

One fictional resident, who shall remain anonymous said, "You know, I've had my suspicions over the years that a University might exist around these parts. It really became obvious when I started seeing these kids in sweatshirts with the letters LMU on them. I thought at first it might be some rival gang from Inglewood, but with all the partying, I put two and two together."

Other residents expressed shock and anger with the revelation of the University's existence. Another anonymous fictional resident said, "I think we need to start endlessly complaining about this. There is no reason a University should exist in the Westchester area, absolutely no good can come of it- plus, I mean, we were here first." Others agreed. "Had I known that a University was stealthily hiding in Westchester I never would have moved here."

No comment was given by the University, nor any explanation as to why the residents seemed clueless as to its existence.


Blogger Vince DiBiase said...

This is a pretty funny piece... damn Loyolan, they should be publishing something like this, maybe give some uplift to the student body, and possibly create a stronger voice for us. What the hell is their REAL agenda?? I feel like the Bush administration has control over our newspaper. (Offended now Murphy?)

5:43 PM  

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