Sunday, July 06, 2008

Drive Thru Bars, Choked Out & Senator Clinton

First things first. If you have not seen this video- go take a look. Jeff the AP is not a man to be trifled with. Tucker did a pretty good job describing what happened.

My most stunning discovery this week however, was the existence of DRIVE THRU bars. I had heard rumors of such things, but… it literally exceeded every expectation I had. The place is called "Cajun Daquiris" and it is about a 5 minute drive from our house. I went through around 3PM on Thursday and the line extended into traffic. As I checked out the menu (pictures below) I realized YOU COULD ORDER SHOTS. You can pull up, order 4 shots and be on your way. Unbelievable. Also, they have happy hour specials- even writing about this still blows my mind.

The 4th of July saw Jeff "acquiring" about 900 dollars worth of fireworks. It was also the day that beer pong began at the house. Nils is good, I still haven't beat him, but other than his uncanny ability, I think this may be the one game I will dominate.

Actors arrive beginning on Monday. The Variety piece was apparently supposed to have run this week, if it doesn't run on Monday- Tucker will announce them on the blog. I'll be there when the actor who plays Tucker arrives- so you can expect video of that.

We went on our last location scout, everything is ready to go. Rehearsals start next week. Those will all be taped, although I seriously doubt those will be released until after the movie is released. Funnily enough I talked with Tucker about sequel ideas, which is a foregone conclusion if this movie blows up. I pitched him an opening scene which was sort of close to the general direction of what they have written. Odd coincidence.

I've taken a TON of pictures over the last few days. Check out the blog. A few of my favorites below.

Hanging out


Hanging out


Blogger Matthew said...

tell tucker I'm sorry he had to play with you. the only reason you will be ranked #2 out there is because you have left the land of adg and its superior/pathetic breed of player/drunk. i bet your peeing your pants with excitement that someone actually wrote on your blog as well, perhaps this will start a trend

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