Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting It Done

One of the things I’m picking up rather quickly in Shreveport is that Tucker knows exactly what he wants. This goes for all facets of his life- be it production or personal. As an example, during auditions he would stand up and give notes to actors, literally explaining minute details to them in the hopes of an improved performance (most of them didn’t get it). Keep in mind we were auditioning roles that had at MOST 3 lines in the entire movie. The script is cemented in his head.

Tucker understands completely what he has to do to get this movie "in the can." He knows what it takes to get it done. As he was explaining to me the other day, my role is to now figure out how to become a professional. How to get my job done efficiently and correctly. Last night, we had a BBQ here at the house. It was almost unbelievable to see the amount of talent I was talking to, joking with and hanging out with. I was helping Bob Gosse (the director) make corn on the cob, playing baseball with Sean McKittrick (producer), and listening to Darren Demetre (line producer) tell jokes. Hell, I live with Nils (screenwriter) and Jeff (Associate Producer) and they have welcomed me into their inner circle… although I’m still enduring the wonderful experience of being the constant butt end of their jokes. Trial by fire Nils calls it.

Tucker has done a better job of explaining their roles with respect to the film on the movie blog, but I think what I can add is to emphasize just how wonderful these people are personally. Not a bit of arrogance, (cough, TUCKER, cough) not a bit of hesitation answering my questions about the business or life in general.

You hear a lot about how Hollywood is made up of arrogant assholes. To be honest, to some extent people in L.A. are obsessed with the superficial. Hopefully, this brief glimpse into the people behind IHTSBIH helps to give you a better sense of the wonderful, creative unsung heroes of film and television.

In other news, we had our first arrest this morning. The charge was “Drunk in Public,” bail set at $330. I ventured down to Boosier City jail at ten and have ZERO intention of going back. Seeing as how I'm usually the sober driver, hopefully I can manage to stay away from any "Deliverance" style action. At the “celebratory” breakfast, sponsored by our jailbird, I sampled some Crawfish and Alligator at a local BBQ place. Can’t say that I’m a fan of either. Too much of a “city boy.”

Tonight I head to Houston with Tucker and Nils to meet Paul Wall. More on that tomorrow.

Photos soon.


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